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Classic Affordables Group Meals (Good for 4 persons)
Classic set meal P795. Super set meal P995. Supreme set meal P1295.
Save as much as 40%.
Classic Savory
<Classic SET MEAL>
MENU1:Cream of Corn and Crab soup,Half Savory Chicken*,Miki Bihon Binondo,Savory Shanghai Rolls,Steamed Rice**,Drinks***

MENU2:Spinach&Seafood soup,Half savory Chicken*,pancit Bihon Guisado,Fried Pork&Shrimp Dumplings, Steamed Rice**,Drinks***.

<Super SET MEAL>
MENU1:Nido Soup with Quail Eggs.Half Savory Chicken*,Long Life Pancit Canton,Salt&Pepper Spareribs,Creamy Mushroom Fish Fillet,Steamed Rice**,Drinks***

MENU2:Wanton soup,Half Savory Chicken*,Miki Bihon Binondo,Sweet&Pepper Squid,Steamed Rice**,Drinks***.

<Supreme SET MENU>
MENU1:Hototai soup,Half Savory Chicken*,Sate Miki, Lechon Macau,Spicy Shrimp,Chopsuey,Steamed Rice**,Driks***.

MENU2:Cream of Corn and Crab soup,Half Savory Chicken*,Long Life Pacit Canton,Imperial Beef Tenderloin,Aboy's Hot Seafood Salad, Garlic Spinach,Steamed Rice**,Drinks*** .

*Classic or Butterred Chicken.
**Upgrade to Savory Fried Rice for only P100.
***Savoy Iced Tea or Tropical Cooler.

Available from Monday to Saturday.
For dine-in and take-out only.